Ecology and Design #9

This week I want to discuss our field trip to Smith Carter. Their building is quite interesting, and is packed with features. The most interesting part in my opinion is the raised floors and the things that come with that. They have a geothermal heating and cooling system that uses water to regulate temperature which seems like a really good alternative. Also the “plug and play” system they have is interesting. They have movable electrical plug ins in the floor that allows for an ever changing set up in their studio. These are features that would be interesting to see on another scale. For example a smaller one like in a house, or smaller design school/studio. What was maybe the most interesting part of the tour was his talk relating their building to the new Manitoba Hydro building. Since I was at the Hydro building two days earlier it was neat to see the similarities. The Hydro building is a much larger scale example of what can be done with these sort of technologies. Now I would like to see this done more often, and maybe even on a smaller scale as well.


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