Ecology and Design #8

This week we read a few short case studies about various sustainable, moveable, and alternative material use designs. One that I found interesting was “Scupper Houses, or the Dogtrot House, and the Shotgun House Reconsidered” by Brian D. Andrews, and W. Jude Leblanc. It dealt partly with different ways to slope the roof of a house apposed to a traditional gable roof. The part that I found interesting was the roof they designed was like an inverted gable roof which I haven’t seen before. So instead of the slope away from the middle of the house, it slopes into the middle. Rainwater then runs off down the middle and is collected. This is an interesting way to collect rain water, and probably a very efficient way to do so. I know people who collect rain water at their cottages, and a design like this could be implemented around here and could work quite well.


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