Ecology and Design #6

This weeks reading was alot less interesting to me as compared to the last. Probably because I find it hard to relate, since I have never been to an area like the one described. The reading was Economy = Ecology : A scenario for Chicago’s Lake Calumet by Ellen Grimes. It focused on the industrial area of Lake Calumet in Chicago, gave a history of the area, and current efforts to change it. The area boomed around the middle of the century, causing much waste dumping in the lake. Now efforts are being made to upkeep the area, and build more plants, without the danger to the environment. I think that efforts should be made to decrease waste dumping, and other factors harmful to the environment. What I think of when reading this is the video we watched about the Ford plant in Detroit. They took a very harmful polluting plant, and transformed it into a much healthier site. It cost alot of money, but in the end it was worth it. I think that this concept should be applied to all industrial sites.


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