Ecology and Design #5

This weeks reading was “Economic Sustainability in the Post-Industrial Landscape” by Ellen Dunham-Jones. I really liked this essay, as it related more to my interests that some of the others. She speaks of the concept of sprawl in the U.S, and how there are people who take positive and negative sides of the argument towards it. I would take the side against sprawl. Having really spread out cities does no good in my opinion; it just makes it harder to get to everything, and uses up good land that could be used for other purposes such as farming. The concept of new-urbanism is fascinating to me, and I like the idea of a new urban centre revitalized where people want to be. In my opinion we should take this concept and apply it to the Exchange District in Winnipeg. It is already being done to some extent, with projects such as the Fairchild Lofts, which are higher class condos situated in old refinished buildings within the Exchange. I think we should continue to rejuvenate this area and make it a place where everyone wants to be, a dense, but comfortable, urban centre.


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