Ecology and Design #4

This week our assigned reading was Terunobu Fujimori: Working with Japan’s small production facilities by Dana Buntrock. This essay was quite interesting because I am unfamiliar with Japanese  culture or any of the ways they do things. Much of their production and trades are done by small firms and businesses. For example apparently 54% of factory workers are employed by smaller than 100 worker businesses.  This is in sharp contrast to North America where there are few small businesses and more giant companies. Also discussion of Fujimori was interesting because if the different ways that he does things. I really like the amount of involvement that he takes in the creation of his buildings. Most architects wouldn’t spend as much time looking for small facilities to make exactly what is wanted, or being there for all the process. I like this approach because then your design and vision can come true in all respects. Being this involved in all projects is something that I would like to be. Even though my designs may be completely different I like the attitude, which is the main thing I got from this essay.


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