Ecology and Design #3

Today i want to speak briefly about the assigned reading “Cyborg Theories and Situated Knowledges”. This essay was about a topic in which I have never really thought much about; the study of technology and the ways in which we use it. Barbara Allen says that there are two aspects to technology, material technology – which it the thing itself, what I would be familiar with. But also sociocultural technology – how it is changed by peoples social and cultural practices. This aspect of a cultural technology is not something I have considered before reading this essay. Her point makes sense, that ones attitude, or the attitude of the culture in which they are a part of does shape how one views technology. I think for the most part technology is beneficial, and most people of a North American culture would feel the same. I don’t want to go further into a cultural study, i just thought it was interesting how people study technology and that there is a sociocultural aspect to technology.


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